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User-friendly ERP and Business Management Software

Odoo is a suite of open core enterprise management applications. Targeting companies of all sizes, the application suite includes billing, accounting, manufacturing, purchasing, warehouse management, and project management.

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FardanTech Smart Thermal Detector

To ensure that precautionary measures against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are applied easily, FardanTech presents Smart Thermal Detector solution that adopts a new AI chipset, large IR thermal sensor array, and complex algorithms, providing cutting-edge body temperature detection with advanced face and mask wearing recognition.

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Business Telephone System


Our IP PBX solution is designed to bring enterprise-grade voice, video, data, and mobility features to small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) in an easy-to-manage fashion. Our solution allows businesses to unify multiple communication technologies, such comprehensive voice, video calling, video conferencing, video surveillance, data tools, and facility access management onto one common network that can be managed and/or accessed remotely. We offers a set of comprehensive features, including customizable call-routing, multi-level IVRs, call queues, auto-attendant, call detail records (CDR), multi-site peering, SIP video support, voicemail/fax forwarding to email and more.