Education Management System (EMS)

The tasks of education are labor intensive ones. Tasks like scheduling and allocating resources can be difficult to handle manually. Without a centralized system, even tracking courses can yield errors. Fardantech offers an Education Management system to take your institute to the next level. Our Education Management system is a fully centralized system enabling optimum performance. 

Fardantech EMS the benefits are:

  • Full billing cycle: Bill all your clients accurately per their courses. The system is integrated with the ERP solution; this allows accurate billing with less error and human labor.

  • Manage and track programs and classes: All programs are easily entered with clear transparency and managed centrally. Manage the batches of students within one system. With such systems, you can know the current courses running and other relevant information quickly and accurately.

  • Schedule automatically with ease: Generate schedules without conflicts with the click of a button. The system automatically checks quickly what can take long hours when human labor is involved.

  • Student and instructor profiles: Keep a profile of all your instructors and students for logging all necessary information.

  • Less course issues: With our integrated solution, no student will be accidentally registered to class without fulfilling the prerequisites. Minimal work will be done to assure the needs of a course.

  • Focus on education: With the system aiding your institute, you can focus on improving and maintaining the quality assurance and education quality for your students.

  • Superior reporting: With a central system at hand, generate the reports you need to progress your business.