Engineering & Architecture Management

The package is a complete integrated solution to run your operations and manage your digital assets. The ERP part manages your firms accounting, project management, customer relationship management, human resources, supply management, and other operations. It’s paired along with a Content Management System (CMS) to manage digitals assets of your organization and enable collaboration. The digital assets include all designs or drawing that you create. It’s a complete solution for your organization.

The benefits of Fardantech’s solution:

  • Digital Archiving: Find and view all your blueprints, designs, and other engineering documents with ease electronically using different search criteria.

  • Easy Collaboration: Work on documents and drawings together without errors. Make sure team member use the right documents and don’t waste time using the wrong version.

  • Customer Portal: Interact with customer online and ease their contributions. They can see their bills and view projects. Happy customers will stick around.

  • Accounting: The solution manages your accounting operations and generate reports at ease. All your accounting work will be traceable and easier to do.

  • Integrated Data: All modules of the solution use the same data for accurate and effective results.

  • Focus on Your Work: With the ERP in place, your organization can focus on engineering and designing aspects of work. More resources will be free to focus on the more important work.