VoIP Telephony (IP PBX)

With Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephony, a company can setup their telephony system with more flexibility and reliability. When this is compared to traditional telephony system, there’s a strong emphasis on hardware limitations; all phones are connected by wires and through the physical limitations of traditional systems.

VoIP systems offer many benefits to organizations in many forms. Examples include:

  • VoIP telephony can be setup in many ways to cater to cost and other requirements

  • The technology allows to track problems and errors easily

  • Reduced costs as per needs

  • Enabling optimum interaction with clients and customers

  • Automating functions without the need for human labor

Fardantech offers:

  • VOIP Telephony hardware including IP PBX and IP phones

  • Setup the telephony system to the clients need and requirements

  • Highly secure communication

  • HD audio and video support

  • Support a variety of IP phone including softphones

  • Free communication between branches